The pole fitness lessons are mostly based on improving your fitness levels, toning your body, increasing flexibility, strength and endurance.

Struggling to get your confidence levels up?

Then pole fitness is the one for you. Pole fitness boosts confidence levels majorly without you even realising it. It’s also a great way to get fit, have fun and make new friends while you’re doing it!

We understand that everyone is different and would like different things out of their pole lessons; which is why whether you want to work on your fitness, co-ordination, dance skills, sexiness or all of the above it totally up to you. I ensure that all my lessons are a comfortable and friendly environment open to women of all ages, sizes, abilities and fitness/dance backgrounds. Everyone can do it.

We are a PDC approved Pole Fitness and Dance School so you can be assured that we only use safe & approved poles and equipment. Have specific pole fitness and fitness qualification and all teachers are trained to a very high level.